PACTA Tool for Investors

PACTA Tool for Listed Equity and Corporate Bonds

The PACTA tool to analyze listed equity and corporate bond portfolios was relaunched in March 2021 with a new interactive format. For the first time, investors can now analyze multiple portfolios simultaneously, save their results online, and receive interactive results on their alignment with the Paris climate goals (view a sample report here).

The tool is free to use, and requires a csv file including with the ISIN, value and currency of the investment to run the analysis. A sample portfolio file is available on the tool's website to guide users on how to format their portfolios before uploading them for analysis. All uploaded data and results files can be deleted from the platform at any moment by the user.

IMPORTANT: In order to run the tool, you require a Initiative Registration Code. If you are not part of a government organised initiative, the code is "GENERAL". Otherwise, you will receive a project specific code.

If you want to see an example of what the PACTA results look like for investors, please click on the Sample Report button below.