Training Materials

Training materials

The PACTA for Banks Training Materials comprises practical user guides provided by 2DII to guide banks through installing the relevant software, preparing the loan book, and running the PACTA for Banks Software.

User Guide 1: The Resource Planner. This guides users through planning their resources and identifying the required amount of time to run the PACTA for Banks analysis

User Guide 2: Prerequisites and Preparing the Loan Book. This guides users through getting the necessary materials ready to be able to implement the PACTA for Banks analysis

The Data Dictionary is provided for guidance when preparing a Loan Book

A Loan Book Template is provided for banks to format their Loan Books

Guidance on running the software can be found under the "Get started" and "Articles" tabs of the respective package websites.

r2dii.match Tools to Match Financial Portfolios with Climate Data

r2dii.analysis Tools to Calculate Climate Targets for Financial Portfolios


PACTA for Banks Training Webinar 1- Introduction to the methodology and toolkit

English Version: here (including a case study from BNP Paribas)

Slides: here

German Version: here

PACTA for Banks Training Webinar 2 - Matching a loan book to physical assets in the real economy 

English Version: here

Slides: here 

Slides with notes: here - (The notes contain examples of code that you can use and further details on the slides)

PACTA for Banks Training Webinar 3 - Analysis and Visualisation

English Version part 1 (Analysis): here

English Version part 2 (Visualisation): here

Slides: here

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