Climate Alignment Pilot Test

If you would still like to have the alignment of your Portfolio tested, it is still possible until the end of 2017. Please note, comparison of your portfolio to the participants of the Swiss climate alignment pilot tests will not be included. Please use the following input templates and send the completed files to

Input Template

Fill out and return to

Non Disclosure Agreement

We ensure that your information is treated confidentially and securely without the submission of a Non Disclosure Agreement. However should you require an explicit agreement, we will happily countersign. The following template can be completed and return to


A copy of the briefing is available here to download.



2° Investing Initiative commits to keeping all portfolio information confidential. Portfolio data will be stored in a password-protected folder. All analytical results will be shared exclusively with the respective pension fund and insurance company, with only anonymized results used for meta-analysis. The names of participating investors will not be shared.


Further Information

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